We are your neighbors, we are your friends, and we are your family. What we do is important to us because you are important to us. We are the support system for our entire valley in times of need. Occasionally, we need support as well and from time to time our families or our agencies cannot afford to provide that on their own. Axes and Arms is a vehicle to help us to better support each other. Axes and Arms is designed to fill gaps that currently exist and to provide responders and their families with support and resources that may not be available otherwise. Whether it be in a time of the tragic loss of a loved one, a members medical need, or in the form of a training opportunity for a specialty that the community needs but an organization cannot afford Axes and Arms will be there to help. Please visit our Donations page to see a sample list of our programs and, if so inclined, please help support our cause. All of your donations are tax deductible and will support programs within the Roaring Fork Valley.

A & A is a non-political, non-affiliated, non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to helping emergency service providers and their families in the Roaring Fork Valley in times of critical need.

Our Mission:

Provide assistance to emergency responders and their families within the Roaring Fork Valley in times of need.

What we do:

1: Help each other in times of need with combined interagency peoplepower when possible and monetary aid when necessary.

​2: Promote and facilitate interaction within our public safety brotherhood/sisterhood in the valley.


** Our focus is on providing assistance to emergency service providers and their families in the Roaring Fork Valley.


We thank you for your generous support.